Codes of Conducts (Academic Misconducts)

Students should please note that all extant University and Faculty rules, regulations, and procedures apply. In addition, particular attention should be given to the following:

  • Once a student is accused of any academic misconduct he/she would be requested to write his/her statement. Refusal to write a statement by  the  student(s)  so accused shall attract two semester rustication.
  • A student accused of academic misconduct shall be invited to appear before the Faculty/University   Academic   Misconduct   Committee.   Failure   to honour   the invitation of the Committee by a student so accused without acceptable reason(s), shall attract expulsion.
  • Any student caught with material(s) described in  section  17.2  (Examination Guidelines)  above  and  which  material(s)  is/are  capable  of  giving  him/her  undue advantage on the examination being conducted shall be liable to rustication for not less  than  2  semesters  in  the  first  instance  and  expulsion  on  the  repeat  of  the misconduct.
  • Under no circumstances shall a candidate write anything on the question paper or any other material.  All rough works shall be done  on  the  answer  booklets. Contravention of this regulation shall attract rustication for a semester.
  • A candidate shall neither sit for another person nor procure another person to sit for him or other candidates in any examinations conducted by this university. Such practice   amounts   to   grace   misconduct   and   shall   attract   expulsion   from   the University.
  • In the course of writing an examination conducted by this University a candidate shall  neither  give  nor  accept  any  assistance  outside  whatsoever  from  any  other candidate or person from within or outside the examination hall. A breach of this regulation shall attract rustication or cancellation of the candidate‚Äôs paper or both and may attract further sanction by the Senate.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the examination hall and the cigarettes or pipes being smoked shall be seized by the invigilator or any security personnel authorized by him and the erring student shall be liable to rustication for a semester.
  • A candidate shall not, either before or after an examination, threaten, blackmail, or in any other way be rude to the invigilator, lecturer, examiner, member of Senate or relevant  Committees  or  any  other  officers  charged  with  the  conduct  of examinations.  Such a  behaviour  is  a  grave  misconduct  and  shall  attract  severe punishment  from  the  University  Senate,  which  may  include  expulsion  from  the University.
  • Substitution or alteration of answer scripts by any  means  after  they  have  been submitted to the invigilator at the end of the examination is a serious misconduct and shall attract strict sanction by the Senate after due process.
  • Breaking into the house, office or  vessel  of  an  examiner,  lecturer,  invigilator  or any  other  officer  charged  with  the  marking  or  evaluation  of  the  performance  of candidate(s)  in  an  examination  with  intent  to  tamper  with  answer  scripts  or question papers shall be considered as grave misconduct liable to expulsion by the University or handing over to police for prosecution;
  • Obtaining, procuring or possessing by any means a preview of questions intended for any examinations to be conducted by this University before its due date and time is a serious misconduct liable to rustication or expulsion by the University.
  • Any other practice related to examinations conducted by the University, which the Senate  may  from  time  to  time  consider  as  examination  misconduct  is  liable  to appropriate sanction by the University
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