Destiny 2’s Xur Has Four Things You Should Buy This Weekend

Xur has been kind of on fire lately with his offerings in Destiny 2 ahead of the Witch Queen, and this week is no exception. By my count, there are at least four different things he’s selling this weekend (in Winding Cove in the EDZ) that you should consider picking up before he goes away at reset on Tuesday.

So, what are they? Obviously some of this is class dependent, but if you’re multi-class in Destiny 2 like me, you might as well pick them all up.

Gwisin Vest (Hunter Chest) – 66 stat total, 17 recov, 17 intellect – Anything that boosts anything having to do with void abilities or damage is a must-have ahead of void 3.0, and this is a very good roll for the Spectral Blades tree, which for all we know, could be getting some sort of buff or new useful build when the new void changes hit.

Armamentarium (Titan Chest) – 67 stat total, even distribution – This one is not particularly spiky, but Xur selling a native 67 is something to pick up, usually, and even though this isn’t the most exciting exotic (double grenades) this is probably a better roll than the copy you have, and who knows about its future usefulness.


Vesper of Radius (Warlock Chest) – 64 stat total, 22 recov, 16 discipline – Obviously this exotic has never been exactly meta, but we also know an arc subclass redesign is coming, and an arc shockwave from this may have additional functionality in the future. It’s a good roll for a not-great exotic, but I’d snag one for future-proofing.

Timelines Vertex (Fusion Rifle) – Firmly Planted/Snapshot Sights – While you can use that one Main Ingredient Xur sold that one time forever, this is another alternate, an adaptive frame fusion rifle that is actually really good for PvP. Quick handling with Snapshot, and Firmly Planted on a fusion means excellent stability when crouched for better distance kills. And it has both good batteries, Liquid and Accelerated Coils, dealer’s choice.

So, while none of these may be the perfect on-meta god roll for any exotic or weapon, if you can afford the shards, I would say all four of these are absolutely worth picking up going into year 5 here. We should get more word on void 3.0 changes in the coming weeks, along with weapon crafting, and that may help us sort out what to keep or not, but for now, I’d say that if you see a good roll of something, save it. You never know what buffs or builds are coming.

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