DNA Of Success: Melissa Kwee Calls On Corporates To Put People First

Melissa Kwee is the CEO of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) in Singapore. The centre has a vision that the island nation is a city of good, and works on bringing corporates, community and the public sector together through organizing different programs.

Kwee said the center has recently undertaken an initiative, called Alliance for Action, that aims at gathering about 40 different companies across Singapore to discuss about the topic of corporate purpose.

She said companies in the future need to be clear they are bringing about a net positive to society, adding that “being people-centric is definitely part of the DNA for success.”

As a third generation of the Kwee’s family that founded the real estate giant Pontiac Land, Kwee learnt the importance of taking care of employees from her grandfather. She urges companies to begin by thinking of ways to treat their staff better, because she believes companies are not only accountable to shareholders, but all stakeholders.

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