PMGC 2021 League East Finals: Winners, prize pool distribution, and more

The PMGC 2021 League East Finals concluded with Korean team Damwon Gaming emerging as champions. Second place went to Vietnamese team D’Xavier, while third place went to Stalwart Esports from India. The top nine teams from the League Finals have qualified for the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals, while the rest have been eliminated.

Fan-favorite Bigetron RA had a horrible performance as they finished in the last position in the overall standings. Defending champion Nova Esports secured 4th place in the League Finals.

Prize pool distribution for the PMGC 2021 League East Finals

PMGC League East Finals overall ranking (Image via PUBG Mobile)League Finals had a humungous prize pool of $725,000 (5.5 crore INR), each of the 20 teams attending the League play will get a $10,000 participation fee. In addition, for all of the 16 finalists teams, a $20,000 prize will be awarded.

Apart from that, there is a prize pool for each team based on their overall standings during the League Finals. Here is a breakup for the same:

1st place: $362,500 (approx 2.7 crore INR) – Damwon Gaming

2nd place: $145,000 (1 crore INR) – D’Xavier

3rd place: $72,500 (55 lakhs INR) – Stalwart Esports

4th place: $36,200 (27 lakhs INR) – Nova Esports

5th place: $21,750 (16 lakhs INR) – Nigma Galaxy

6th place: $14,500 (11 lakhs INR) – The Infinity

7th place: $9,788 (7.3 lakhs INR) – Six Two Eight

8th place: $9,063 (6.7 lakhs INR) – Team Secret

9th place: $8,338 (6.2 lakhs INR) – 4 Rivals

10th place: $7,613 (5.7 lakhs INR) – Rico Infinity Team

11th place: $7,250 (5.4 lakhs INR) – MS Chonburi

12th place: $7,250 (5.4 lakhs INR) – Reject

13th place: $6,525 (4.8 lakhs INR) – DRS Gaming

14th place: $6,525 (4.8 lakhs INR) – Cryptics

15th place: $5,075 (3.8 lakhs INR) – Genesis Dogma GIDS

16th place: $5,075 (3.8 lakhs INR) – Bigetron RA

Top 9 teams from East league finals advanced to PMGC Grand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)Also ReadArticle Continues below

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 Grand Finals will take place next month on January 21-23, where 16 teams (nine from East, six from the West, and one from India) will battle for the title of champion and a massive prize pool. The Grand Finals feature a massive prize pool of $3 million.

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