Registration Guides

Registration with relevant Sections/units of the University is Annual and Mandatory. The registration is at two levels, namely, (i) Central registration which entails payment of fees, collection  of  registrations  forms  and  registration  with  Academic  Office;  and  (ii)  Units Registration which entails registration with Faculty, Department, Library, MIS, with anyone of the Sections/Units will render a student’s registration incomplete and consequently invalidate his registration with the University. Students are therefore strongly advised to

note the following requirements and guidelines.

Registration Requirements – Every student is required to:

  • Pay his fees and use the payment receipt to collect registration forms;
  • Register  with  the  Academic  Office,  Faculty,  Department,  Library,  Management Information System (MIS), Clinic, SIWES (300 Level students only) and Student Affairs;
  • Present original copies (for inspection) and photocopies (for records) of his/her Academic  certificates  (SSCE  ‘O’  Level  ‘A’  level,  UME  scores  etc.),  UMTE Examination Slip, Birth Certificate, and Local Government Indigeneship Certificate.
  • Present original copies (for inspection) and photocopies (for records) of his/her Court Affidavit and Newspaper Advert if he/she had changed his/her name.
  • Register all courses he is offering in each session for him to be eligible to write examination on the course(s);
  • Register a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 24 credit units (including General Studies and Entrepreneurship) courses per semester.

Registration Guidelines for New Students

  • Registration of students offered provisional admission into the University is conducted in a central location;
  • At the venue of the central registration, Departmental Registration Officer (DRO) and representative of Academic Office will check and ensure that the student is on the  admission  list  before  issuing  such  a  student  with  a  letter  of  confirmation  of admission.
  • The cleared students are expected to pay their fees at designated payment center/banks and collect Bank teller;
  • The Bank teller is then used to collect registration forms from the Central registration venue. Thereafter, students are to proceed as in Section below.

Registration Guidelines for Returning Students

  • Registration of courses for first and second semesters is done at the beginning of the First Semester  during  the  Registration  Period  (usually  within  the  first  1  –  2 weeks) declared in the Academic Calendar.
  • The DRO advises students on registration requirements and procedures. Students are therefore advised to consult the DRO before proceeding with course.
  • In the University, the minimum credit load per semester is 15 and the maximum is 24. However, the minimum credit load per semester may vary from programme to programme and  from  level  to  level.  Students are strongly advised to note those variations as they register for their courses.
  • It is advantageous to register above the required minimum per semester in order to increase the chances of earning the required minimum credit units for the semester and subsequently, for the session. The extent to which this is done will depend on the capability of the individual student. Students are therefore strongly advised to consult the DRO or their Staff advisers before registration.
  • Students who are not in good academic standing or those with several carry overs should consult their DRO or Staff Adviser for proper guidance before embarking on registration in any particular semester or session.
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