UK Covid live: Scottish and Welsh governments call for eight-day quarantine for all new arrivals to UK

Keir Starmer is set to reshuffle his frontbench team for the second time in a year, as Labour seeks to take advantage of the government’s disarray over social care and the cost of living.

With Boris Johnson facing a series of backbench revolts in recent weeks, and the poll bounce the Conservatives gained from the vaccine rollout apparently fading, Labour are keen to get on the front foot.

No announcements have yet been made; but a party spokesperson acknowledged a reshuffle was imminent – and several party sources refused to deny that it was kicking off immediately.

Starmer is understood to want to boost the party’s media standing, as well as promote some figures perceived to have performed strongly in recent months.

He had hoped to carry out a wider reshuffle in May, in the wake of the loss of the Hartlepool byelection, but more ambitious plans were stymied by a furious standoff with his deputy, Angela Rayner, over a change to her role.

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